“A La Mar” (To The Sea) - The story of the creation of the campaign #HAZlaportuOla


Conservamos por Naturaleza in association with Patagonia, present the first peruvian film which portrays the efforts and achievements of a peruvian surfer group who succeeded in legally protecting our coasts. 

During the 80s, “La Herradura” beach was destroyed. In the course of the 90s, the wave in Cabo Blanco was altered after being threatened to disappear. Thanks to the Law protecting the surf breaks, Peru became the first country in the world carrying out a legal system for the protection of our waves. Nevertheless, in order to safeguard their preservation, technical records are needed for each break. Hence, in 2015, HAZla por tu Ola campaign was born. This campaigns aim is to raise funds for the processing of these documents. Thousands of people have joined this campaign, achieving the total legal protection of 24 surf breaks (waves).

“A La Mar” (To The Sea) narrates the story of how these actions made by a group of citizens boosted the change; making a special mention to the fishermen in of Cabo Blanco and local surfers: Eduardo Tume, Carlos Chapilliquen, Carolina Butrich, Javier Fernandez, Magoo de la Rosa, Fernando Fernandini and David Fioriani.

The documentary shows the complete potential the peruvian coast has, including its resources, waves and beauty; which converts Peru in a key destiny for aquatic sports. In addition, as part of the outline presented by Patagonia and taken in by COnservamos por Naturaleza, we invite you, as spectators to be able to organize your own proyections, this way, incentivizing more people to commit with the protection of the peruvian coastline.

Conservamos por Naturaleza” initiative of the ‘Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA)’ (Peruvian Society of Environmental Rights) and “Proyectos Audiovisuales Independientes” (Audiovisual Independent Projects), producers of the film, are satisfied when presenting ‘A La Mar’. 

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A LA MAR - Teaser from Conservamos por Naturaleza on Vimeo.

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